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Jackson Energy Authority provides EPlus Broadband services by delivering a lit fiber service. Our fiber network provides a large bandwidth connection for high-speed Internet, Cable TV and Telephone delivered to homes and businesses via fiber optic lines.


Planning to wire a building or multiple dwelling unit (MDU) for broadband internet? Be sure to contact us about a pre-wiring cost estimate before you get started. Planning where you will need cables ran and installed in your project can be determined early in the planning process.


CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 – twisted pair cable that when properly installed transmits internet traffic from device to device.  Speed and capacities are increased through CAT5 – CAT5e – CAT6.  All forms of Ethernet cable can be different colors and thicknesses.  Cables can also be outdoor rated, indoor only, UV protected, and other configurations.

Tech Panels

“Telecom Closet” or FDH (Fiber Distribution Hub)

“Terminal” or Patch Panel Location

Patch panels can be used to connect riser cables to drop cables               

These are typically housed in a closet with access to the riser or in the stairwell. They can be on every floor, every other floor, or some other arrangement depending on the design of the building and network                    

Terminals on a floor are most often wall-mounted. A backboard, roughly 2’W x 2’H x 3/4”D, in accordance with NEC or local code at minimum 4’ from ground level can be helpful. 1’ spacing around the FDT for access.                       

Contact Jackson Energy Authority for a free evaluation of the proposed network architecture at 731-422-7500 or 888-577-6427.

TV and Router Placement

When evaluating the location of devices in the home the following should be considered.  By evaluating the location of the devices a more reliable in-home network can be created. Wireless signals can be impacted by device quality, device specifications, and home construction material. Hardwiring devices eliminates any loss of wireless signal.  The following are points to identify when determining LAN (local area network) needs.

Types of devices


Dead Spaces or Cavities in walls

If the design of your home or business creates areas that are not easily accessible or completely inaccessible, the ability to wire devices around the walls in the dead spaces or cavities will be very difficult or impossible.

Providing conduit access or pre-wiring these areas can give future functionality to these areas.

Garage spaces, attic spaces, bonus rooms, additions to existing homes or business are examples

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