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Self-Service Kiosks

Self-service kiosks are a convenient, easy way to make a Jackson Energy Authority payment. There are four self-service payment kiosks located in 4 different areas of the city available to our customers for payments:











To use the kiosk, you must have your 12-digit account number handy. Just follow the user-friendly, touch screen prompts and insert your payment using a check, cash, credit or debit card. Once payment is made, credit to your account is immediate and a confirmation receipt is printed for your records.

For greater convenience, use the Fast Pass feature at the kiosk. Select the “One Time Payment” option and make a payment. Sign up for Fast Pass and enter a 4-digit pin number. The kiosk will then print a bar code on a receipt. Either take a picture of the bar code with a smart phone or keep the receipt. At your next kiosk payment, scan the bar code either from your phone or the receipt. For more details, click the Fast Pass buttons below.


Fast Pass Brochure

Fast Pass helps make kiosk payments even faster.
How to Use Fast Pass
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