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PRI (Primary Rate Interface) service provides a wide range of flexibility to meet the needs of your changing business. Take advantage of a dedicated, scalable service that supports multiple trunk and call types. It also provides measured and allowance calling plans designed to fit your calling patterns.

PRI replaces traditional phone lines or Direct Inward Dial/Direct Outward Dial trunk groups and provides a wide range of features and capabilities. Instead of paying expensive individual line fees, our PRI service connects phone numbers to dedicated voice channels.

Enjoy secure, configurable, and cost-effective voice communications backed by our commitment to quality service and support. Affordable usage based and unlimited calling plans are available. Select the plan that best meets your needs and fits your budget.


Business Telephone Pricing

View pricing and features for EPlus Broadband telephone service for your business.

Business Hosted PBX Telephone Pricing

Learn more about our cloud based voice service, features and pricing.
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