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Max Speeds

Did you know that your equipment can affect your Internet speed? Take advantage of your fiber optic Internet speed from EPlus Broadband by following a few helpful tips to make sure your equipment like computers, routers, and software maximizes your speed.

Helpful Tips to Get Your Max Internet Speed:

  1. Check to see if your equipment or software is due for an update. Old, outdated equipment can cause slower Internet speeds even when you pay for a much faster speed.
  2. See what other computers, devices or equipment are connected to your network.  You may want to disconnect devices that are not in use since they share the same network.
  3. Move closer to your router. If you connect to the Internet with a WiFi router, you may experience slower speeds from a weaker signal if your computer/devices are far away. Walls and some appliances between you and your router can weaken this signal and speed as well.
  4. A wired connection is much faster than using WiFi. Instead of using a router, you can connect your devices such as computers to the cable.

Maximum Wi-Fi Speeds for Computers, Phones and Tablets


Year Released Expected WiFi Speed*
2011 - present 150 - 500 Mbps
2007 - 2010 75 - 150 Mbps
2006 & earlier 25 Mbps


Phones & Tablets

Year Released Expected WiFi Speed*
2011 - present 75 - 300 Mbps
2007 - 2010 25 - 75 Mbps
2006 & earlier 25 Mbps

* Expected WiFi speed under good conditions with a compatible service plan and router.

Please note that the maximum download speed for Gigabit Internet service is limited to 940 Mbps, and it is only achievable with a hardwired Ethernet connection. 

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