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Call Before You Dig

Buried utility infrastructure exists everywhere. That infrastructure can be several feet below the surface or close to the surface causing dig hazards. Digging without knowing what’s underground can cause an unsafe, potentially damaging situation. It is extremely important to have your utility lines located by calling 811 BEFORE you begin any type of digging or excavating. An underground utility line is damaged once every six minutes nationwide because someone chose to dig without calling 811 first. Whether you are setting a mailbox, installing a fence, securing a child’s play set or gardening, it’s important to call 811. Always Call 811 at least three days prior to digging to have underground utilities or pipelines marked before any digging or excavation, it’s a free call and will help prevent damage.

Respect the Marks

Following your call to 811, trained technicians will mark the location of your underground facilities with color-coded flags, stakes or paint. Do not remove the markings until you have finished digging. See the color code chart below for the respective utility color.


Always Call 811 Before You Dig Homeowner Brochure

What you don’t see can hurt you. Download this guide for safe digging.

What the Colors Mean

Underground utilities are marked in accordance with the APWA Uniform Color Codes.
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